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What is the Education Fire Station?

Starting in January 2008, Palm Harbor Fire Rescue will begin the planning and building reconstruction phase for a state of the art Fire and Life Safety Educational facility entitled, “Education Fire Station”. This one of a kind structure will be located in downtown Palm Harbor, adjacent to Palm Harbor’s Fire Station 66 and will transform our civic center building into a dynamic learning hub for one of the nation’s highest fire risk groups, our children. As the only Fire and Life Safety facility in Pinellas County, Education Fire Station will be seen as a community wide resource and expects to educate a potential market of more than 100,000 children in Pinellas County; as well as reaching beyond that target audience to expand fire and life safety programs to parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers. Education Fire Station will be synonymous with an elementary classroom and will focus on several fire and life safety issues. The facility will be funded solely through grants, donations, and fundraisers and will be available to all Pinellas County residents.       


The curriculum at Education Fire Station will encompass learning strategies using puppet shows, fire safety story time, role playing, crafts, costuming, videos, computer software, music and movement, and play. Interactive stations will be built to practice fire escape drills, cooking safety, and smoke alarm information, just to name a few. Education Fire Station will further embrace a fire department history wall, displaying historical facts and figures of the fire service, interdepartmental history, and fire departments from around the world. Throughout the building, students will be engaged in varying safety messages, glass cases containing firefighter’s clothing and equipment, and most exciting, interaction with real firefighters. As a result of implementing Education Fire Station into the community, Palm Harbor Fire Rescue anticipates an increase in fire and life safety awareness, a rise in working home smoke alarms, and an increase in the development of family fire escape plans.